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Ever Heard Of A Little Thing Called The 2nd Amendment, You Cowards?

Last time I checked, there were no limits on the types of weapons you could have listed in the Bill of Rights. Longtime stoolie Thomas Jefferson didn’t mention rocket launchers when he penned the ole big 10 so why does BWI get to dictate what a man from Texas gets to put in his checked luggage?

Look. I’m rational. I understand the TSA frowning on bringing a rocket launcher in your carry on. I do. But the checked baggage? What’s it gonna do in the cargo hold? It. Doesn’t. Work. On. A. Timer, folks. These are manual weapons. You cant climb to the belly of a plane mid-flight, so what’s the risk? This isnt the cinematic adventure starring Harrison Ford, “Air Force One.” This is real life.

What a hassle. That’s why I always ship my rocket launchers via USPS. If it fits, it ships.