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3-Week-Old Pup Leaves It All Out On The Field

I CAN’T EVEN. Howl your heart out, buddy. Sometimes you’re sitting here on a Monday afternoon struggling to survive. Just counting down the minutes until your teams first Super Bowl victory (please God, one day), wondering how it’s physically possible to still be this hungover, realizing your entire existence as a blogger is as useless as that college degree then BOOM! The Internet gives you a fresh doggie video to make life seem almost worthwhile. This pooch is are second to none and if his struggles don’t bring a smile to your soul then you might as well be dead already.

BONUS: Motherfucking Pug in a motherfucking Ugg. Whoever put him in that boot should be shot, but still get this toy with a heartbeat the Medal of Honor for adorableness.

pug in a boot