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Bronny James Couldn't Dunk In Front Of His Dad, So LeBron Interrupted Another Game To Watch A Kid Dunk And Celebrated In The Most Annoying Bron Bron Way

What a fucking weirdo. That’s the only way to describe this. Well that and perhaps he may have potentially drank too much wine and got lost in the gym? That would make some sense. I mean earlier in the week he witnessed his son almost dunk, but really just miss a layup.


So now he has to watch other kids dunk and steal the show? I mean this is the most Bron Bron celebration ever. Losing your shoe. The karate kick (promoting violence?). He’s just out here completely interrupting a game that doesn’t even involve his kid. How are AAU officials not enforcing this? He should be banned from the gym!

Look at this! He’s even out here talking about other kids. I guess that’s what happens when you have to overcompensate because your son keeps missing dunks in front of you. You have to go talk about Dior Johnson. Maybe if he named his kid Dior instead of LeBron Jr. the pressure wouldn’t be there.

It’s just getting embarrassing at this point for LeBron. He’s hijacking coaching duties at the AAU level. He’s celebrating missed dunks. He’s interrupting games that don’t even involve his kid to make sure everyone knows he’s there. He’s dunking in the layup line. Maybe worry about getting ready for your own season? Crazy I know. Everything is about Bron Bron.