Matt Barnes Getting Ejected And Coaching From The Hallway Is An Absolute Power Move

Alright we need to see the video of what got Matt Barnes ejected here. I find it unacceptable that it’s 2019 and that video isn’t on the internet for us all to enjoy. I have to say though, when I saw that video come across my timeline I couldn’t have been less shocked. This is the most Matt Barnes shit you’ll ever see and you know what? I feel like he needs to be awarded Coach Of The Year. This isn’t a LeBron situation where he inserts himself into a situation that has nothing to do with him. There is a 0.0% chance Matt Barnes got ejected for show or to make it all about him. Whatever it was that got him tossed, he was ready to die for this players and I need to know how they responded. Bet they won this game by 50 after getting that sort of jolt by their head coach.

You also have to love Barnes coming back and coaching from the hallway. What, are you going to tell Matt Barnes he has to leave and can’t coach his players? I didn’t think so. Sure there might be some sort of violation once you get tossed but I’m pretty sure nobody tells Matt Barnes what he can and cannot do. Not these refs, not Derek Fisher, nobody. Such a power move all you can do is respect it and I can think of a handful of NBA coaches who could learn a thing or two from this move. Someone get Barnes an assistant job immediately, because this is the type of dedication and passion you can’t teach.