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Chance The Rapper Has Spent $30K On Postmates Since 2015 - We're Supposed To Be Impressed?

These things always go viral because the public is absolutely obsessed with rich people and how much money they have. So I understand why this article is making headlines but when you really break it down, this ain’t shit. $30,000 in 5 years breaks down to 600 bucks a month. That comes out to about $16 a day. That might mean something to people out in middle America who cook every meal and never get delivery and dont even have access to an app like Postmates. But for us city folk on the coasts who don’t cook and have everything from meals to groceries to supplies and toiletries delivered, this is nothin. I’m at at LEAST double this. Every time I press order it’s 30 bucks minimum. Probably closer to 40 for dinner. The other day I fucked around and got 72 dollars of Chinese food for my goddam self. And that’s another thing! Most people are living with a bf/gf or a spouse. You’re ordering for 2! So go ahead and double that shit.


I’m not kidding if I did the math, since 2014…about 4 of those years when I was still married ordering for 2…factoring in dinner every night…lunch very often…breakfast on the weekends…the occasional booze delivery….a CVS delivery for the kids with diapers and medicine and what not…delivery charges and tips… I’m easy over 100k. I wish I was kidding but I’m absolutely not.

But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. The convenience. No grocery shopping. No dishes. No throwing out ingredients and leftovers from cooking that a single guy or a couple inevitably wastes. Sure it sounds like a lot of money but the two things I love most in this world is good and convenience. And Postmates delivers both. No problem.

PS – promo code KFC on Postmates for $100 off your first 7 days. If Chance knew what was up he could have only spent $29,900