We Have A Crossover Injury! I Repeat, We Have Someone Getting Crossed Over So Bad They Are Hurt


So we have this clip starting to make its round on Twitter. We’ve seen plenty of clips starting to come out of the AAU circuit this weekend. In fact Coley wrote that these teens are jumping too damn high

But now? Now they are just being outright disrespectful. I mean this crossover was so goddamn filthy that the defender is injured. I may use that term loosely because it could be a great defense in the sense of saying you slipped and got hurt. But you really have to commit to that story because we see the video. Josh Christopher crossed this dude up:

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 4.59.26 PM

Now, you may ask who is Joshua Christopher? Well he’s a 5-star from California that’s predicted to go to Kentucky in the class of 2020, therefore he’s a phenomenal player. He’s the No. 1 shooting guard in the class and No. 9 overall player so it just makes sense for him to go to Kentucky.

Oh, and I know what people are going to say. ‘Charge call.’ That call fucking stunk. That ref should be fired, never allowed to ref again and publicly shamed. Not only was the guy still sliding, not only was he helpside defense coming in late, you don’t call a charge after a murder. That ref had to be an RA in college and busted kids for drinking in the dorms. Fuck that charge call.

Getting crossed over so bad you get hurt. Every pick up hoopers dream to be the Christopher here. Every kids nightmare being the defender with a viral moment.