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More Thoughts on Danny McBride Playing Kanye West in the Kanye West Movie

I know that Caleb just blogged this, but this idea is so thought provoking that we both felt another blog would be appropriate. So if you don’t mind I will just get my initial thoughts out there and I encourage you to do the same because there is a lot to unpack here.

First and foremost this is the funniest movie idea I have ever heard of. There is no aspect of Kenny Powers as Kanye West that isn’t funny. Although I don’t think Kanye is trying to be funny. Which is even funnier. Just imagine the scene where Kanye interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMA’s but with Kenny Powers. He walks up on the stage, grabs the mic, and hits her with “listen up you beautiful bitch I’m about to fuck you up with some knowledge” As Caleb said, I would watch that on a continuous loop until the end of time.


My second thought was me wondering if Kanye knows that there is a difference between Kenny Powers the character, and Danny McBride the person. Because I have wondered the same thing for years. I could easily picture Kanye watching Eastbound and Down and thinking “damn I love this documentary, this guy should play me in a movie” And to be fair, if you watch the first part of the interview where Danny talks about moving to Charleston and picking up illegal shark tooth excavation, it’s hard not to wonder if Eastbound and Down was actually a documentary.

My third thought was. Is the rest of the movie going to be cast the same way? Where every actor looks and sound nothing like the people they are playing but are weirdly perfect for it? If so, I would like Jared Leto to play Kim, Aziz Ansari to play Jay-Z, and Tom Cruise to play Trump.

Conversely, it might be even funnier if Danny McBride played every character in the whole movie like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. Because if you think about it, thats exactly something that both Kenny Powers and Kanye would do.

Bottom line is I have never heard a better movie pitch than “Danny McBride as Kanye West” and I could talk about who else should be in the movie forever so if you have any ideas don’t be scared to share them.