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Oh No, Ezekiel Elliot Didn't Report To Cowboys Camp. This Is Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad News

Well gosh darn it! Gosh darn it right to hell! Zeke not showing up for camp and possibly holding out for the biggest RB contract of all time?

What a big time shame that would be. I would hate to see Zeke not play this year, or at the least, miss all of camp. But at least he’s keeping himself in shape though, right?


Meanwhile he’s also being sued for pushing that security guard, which I actually have his back on, that security guard is a big time weenie, but still, it’s another thing that happened with him this offseason.

And despite all of that, all the trouble he’s been in, he still is holding out for a record-setting contract. To quote Jared Carrabis, you hate to see it.