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Strange Fruit Scent Leads To Gas Leak False Alarm At Barstool HQ

The Wonton Don and I  just busted open a $48 imported fruit that stunk up the office so badly, people on the other side of the Barstool office reported a gas leak to maintenance.

The fruit is called a Durian and has been banned on public transportation in Southeast Asia for evoking the smell of rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage.

Those fleshy, yellow sacks are the edible parts of the “King of Fruits” and have the consistency of a custard-like cheese that tastes exactly as it smells: like piping hot dog shit. At least half the office and I thought the Durian tasted horrible, but a select few respected the fruit as a cultural delicacy and enjoyed the special Friday treat. This video will be coming out some time next week, but until then you can enjoy one of the other videos of Barstool HQ gagging in response to various odd substances.