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Mike Francesa Calls Trevor Bauer a "Nutcase And a Fool" So Trevor Bauer Naturally Goes Right Back At Him


I’m going to need Mike Francesa to stop talking about the Yankees. He’s advocating for the Yankees to trade Gleyber Torres for Noah Syndergaard. Now he’s going at Trevor Bauer calling him a clown. Mike, shut up. Let us get a starting pitcher in peace please. Just stay out of the way.

This is the first kind of taste of what it’d be like with Bauer in New York. He doesn’t sit back and let you punch. He listens, reads everything and goes right back at you. He’s not a little bitch who lets you punch away. Will that work in New York? I honestly have no idea. I do know that the man can pitch, and Yankees fans right now aren’t in any position to be picky about who Cashman goes out and gets.

My current rankings for pitchers I want to trade for (assuming Bumgarner is not happening)

1-Marcus Stroman
2-Trevor Bauer
3-Mike Minor
4-Zack Greinke (have Arizona absorb $)
5-Robbie Ray (no thanks)
6-Noah Syndergaard (ain’t happening)
8-Zack Wheeler (also not happening)

The Yankees need one, and possibly two of these guys. Who the hell knows what’ll happen the next 5 days, but if the last turn of this rotation is any indicator, we need changes and need them quick.