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I'm Now Declaring Terry McLaurin A Future Hall of Famer

That’s it! Put him in the Hall right now! We were all worried about the lack of depth the Skins had at WR, but there’s no need to worry anymore. Terry McLaurin is the real deal. I don’t care that Troy Apke was in coverage, that does not matter. McLaurin had him turned around 10 ways to Sunday and then broke his ankles again just for fun. And so I have no further worries about the Skins WR depth. We have Trey Quinn who will have 100 catches and 12 TDs this year, Paul Richardson who will have 50/700/5, and Doctson who will….well…he’ll show up. Maybe. Plus Vernon Davis and the 9 games we’ll get from Jordan Reed to boot. Miami, here we come.

Wait, he did it to Norman too!!