The Clippers Potentially Adding Shaun Livingston Almost Makes Too Much Sense

Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Clippers

(Source) – Shaun Livingston offered some clarity on his basketball future this week at his Pride of Peoria basketball camp at Peoria High School.

Since the Golden State Warriors released Livingston two weeks ago, guaranteeing him $2 million of a $7.7 million contract buyout, reports have swirled around the 33-year-old Peorian’s options.

Livingston acknowledged that retirement is certainly an option. But his preference is to play one more year with a desirable NBA team.

“At this point, it’s more about finishing my career the right way,” he said. “Going to where the fit is right as far as what I can bring to the table. Coming in and helping a team from a leadership standpoint, helping mentor the young guys and playing spot minutes … I’m at the stage of my career where those are the things where I add the most value.”

And there is one club in particular – the Los Angeles Clippers, with whom he began his pro career 15 years ago — that would make Livingston’s decision for him if they come calling.

“That would be awesome, the ideal fit,” Livingston said. “That would be a part of coming full circle. But it has to work on their end. If there’s a spot, an opportunity, that would probably make the most sense. There’s been some interest (on the Clippers’ part). It’s about whether they’re ready to pull the trigger.”

Now this is something I can get behind. The Clippers have had such an awesome offseason to far, in my opinion bringing Shaun Livingston back for his final year in the NBA would be the cherry on top. Livingston is basically the perfect glue guy type player for teams that have title aspirations, his time in GS pretty much proved that. You look at the Clippers depth chart and they are a little loaded at both guard spots:

Patrick Beverley, Terrance Mann, Lou Williams, Landry Shamet, Sindarius Thornwell, Jerome Robinson. 

Even if you think Doc could play Livingston at the three, that’s pretty stacked as well


Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Mo Harkless, Wilson Chandler

But if you believe the Clippers do have some interest, it’s a perfect fit in my opinion. If you can remember, Livingston was part of that LAC team that finally made the playoffs in 2005 that made the second round and we all know about his horrific knee injury that came two seasons later when he really looked like he was establishing himself. Clipper Livingston was pretty damn good and it’s a shame his knee exploded

Now that the Clippers are title favorites and things are finally good for them, why not bring back one of the bigger franchise “what-ifs”. Who knows what might have happened had Livingston stayed healthy, maybe they don’t go on another 5 year drought of missing the playoffs. Once you get to the playoffs it’s all about having players you can trust, and having Livingston available to step in during big playoff moments for the second unit might not be the worst idea.

I say if the Clippers are truly all in which it seems like they are, this is a move I think everyone should be rooting for.