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Credit To The Yankees For Letting The Children Of Boston Eat Tonight - Side Note: Please Trade For a Starting Pitcher

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Red Sox 1,000 Yankees 3

It’s been a long, scarce summer for the children of Boston. Given countless opportunities to eat for free, the Red Sox have let them down, only to leave them out in the streets to starve while the rich eat full meals in their homes. It’s been a sad scene to watch over in New York. Thursday night was the Yankees first night in Boston in 2019. Given the lead they’ve built in the AL East, 10 games after tonight (11 in the loss), it was a timely evening to give back to the community. Many judge the Yankees like the unfair cover of a book, but on the inside they’re thoughtful, kind individuals, always looking out for those in need.

Alright, on a serious note, Tanaka stunk tonight. In Masa’s last four innings against Boston he’s given up 18 runs, 16 hits, and 5 walks. Hey pal, we have this great offense, but would it kill you to get through a few innings without giving up a ridiculous lead? I consider Tanaka one of the best big game pitchers in baseball, and we may have been tricked by the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry into thinking tonight was big for Masa. Given how big the division lead is, Tanaka might not have cared too much about this start. Get Tanaka against Boston in a division race in September you’ll get the assassin. Get him in October, you’ll get a murderer. Give him the ball in a double digit division lead game in July he doesn’t give a shit. That’s just how he’s programmed. Who am I to disagree with his motives?

That all being said, goddamn the Yankees need a starting pitcher. Maybe two while we’re at it. If Bumgarner is deemed untouchable and the Giants want to make a blind run at the wild card, I’m focussing all of my attention at Marcus Stroman. After that it’s Bauer and Mike Minor. I really don’t want any part of Robbie Ray. There’s just nothing about him that appeals to me and says, “yup, I want this guy to have the ball in a big spot.” Although they’re not prototypical aces, I want Stroman and Bauer in those spots. Boyd is not good enough in my mind and will cost way too much. No one on the Mets is coming to the Yankees so forget that. It’ll come down to Stroman and Minor and Ray most likely unless a surprise team becomes a seller late.

I did find it comical that Red Sox fans got this immediate belief tonight like they were in first place after the blow out win. You think cause you score a billion runs you get 10 wins in the standings? Fuck outta here. Snap back to reality for me please. You guys have won titles recently, don’t revert back to the losing fanbase you were for a full century and celebrate one blowout win like you’re completely back. You just lost 2 of 3 to Baltimore. Let’s relax folks. Use those last few brain cells you all have left a little longer please.


The Yankees had this mini-panic button feel after Monday’s loss to Minnesota. They had the same feeling a week ago against Tampa after one loss. What did they do? They bounced right the fuck back. They have a resiliency unmatched by anyone in the league. They almost feed off a bad loss better than anyone. I don’t even have that mini panic button “uh oh” feeling. I mean we’ve known we’ve need starting pitching for a while, tonight wasn’t some epiphany. The Sox bats had a good night, we didn’t. Sleep it off, show up tomorrow and get cooking.

All they need is a split in this series to seemingly stuff Boston back in their locker. Paxton gets the ball tomorrow, hopefully he figures out the first inning and goes from there. In the mean time I hope Cashman is on the phone non-stop until he finds a winner. Maybe multiple.

P.S. I take responsibility for this loss. I’m 9-0 wearing my Lokai bracelet (promo code PORCH for 20% off) and I forgot on Thursday night. I will have it on Friday you best believe that.