Eli Manning Finally Fired Back At Odell Beckham Jr's Comments By Saying "I Won A Few Games Before He Got Here"


Super Bowl XLII


Super Bowl XLVI


Say what you want about that big, goofy son of a bitch. And many people, including a shitload of Giants fans, have said PLENTY. But goddam Eli Manning has a beautiful, understated sense of humor to go along with those two (2) Super Bowl MVPs and very shiny rings. It takes a lot for Eli to fire back at someone. However I guess Odell Beckham Jr. talking more about his past with the Giants than his future with the Browns over the last few months finally caused Eli to finish it in perfect Eli style: With a couple of sentences about winning a handful of prettyyyyy prettyyyyy prettyyyyy big games that I’m pretty sure were on primetime network TV if memory serves right before flashing that awww shucks smile then going about his day.


Now did Odell keep the Giants interesting and relevant the last few years as one of the most incredible and coolest players in the game when he was healthy? Of course. Anybody who says otherwise is crazy, a hater, or both. But Odell’s time in blue is flat out forgettable compared to those big wins Eli is referring to. And I’m not even talking about the Super Bowls over the greatest sports dynasty any of us will ever see that everyone loves to dismiss because the defense played great or Eli put two balls in the perfect spots where only his receivers could catch them. I’m talking about Eli going into Lambeau twice and beating two future Hall of Fame QBs that finished those seasons 13-3 and 15-1 as well as getting his dick kicked in for 4 quarters and still beating that 49ers team with that nightmare defense.

Again, it’s rare that Eli goes back at a former teammate. He did it with the guy that was best offensive Giants player of my lifetime in Tiki Barber before going out and winning that first Super Bowl. And he is doing it again with probably the Giants best offensive player since Tiki. So I guess there is only one thing left to do…

Truth be told, I love when Eli gets a little sassy. But if this leads to Odell talking about the Giants AGAIN, I am going to invent time travel so I don’t have to listen to another ex-Giant complain about his time in New York.