Sydney Leathers Tell All On Howard Stern Makes Me Wanna Puke

NYDN – Sydney LeathersAnthony Weiner’s latest sexting paramour turned prospective porn star, is throwing cold water on her old flame’s mayoral aspirations. Appearing on “The Howard Stern Show” on Tuesday, Leathers, 23, did not shy away from offering her opinion on whether Weiner, 48, had what it took to become New York’s next mayor. “I mean as funny as it would be to have a Mayor Carlos Danger, I think he’s a little too busy j—–g off to do anything for the city,” Leathers told Stern. “Okay, how are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re c—ing like five times a day?” Leathers asked rhetorically. “He was just this needy little b—h, basically,” Leathers said, adding that Weiner “needs his ego stroked. That’s the problem.”

NY Post - Meanwhile, the Midwesterner is trying to capitalize on her new found fame. Leathers said she had a meeting with the owner of porn producers at Vivid Entertainment about doing a porn movie but wants a boob job first. She didn’t seem shy – when asked to show Stern her T&A, she quickly obliged. Leathers also mused about sleeping with other politicians. She said Chris Christie is “over her weight limit. She said she “has too much respect’ to sleep with (President) Obama. Asked is she would consider Huma, she said yes. “Sure, she needs it.”

I know this bitch doesn’t even deserve the attention. Her 15 minutes of fame are about 15 minutes too long. She’s nothing more than a pig who sexted some fucking loser politician. But I can’t help it. I hate this chick with the fire of a thousand suns. Obviously she’s fat and ugly which is strike 1 and 2. But the way she’s playing this holier than thou, high horse card when she’s nothing more than a dumptruck drives me fucking insane. Like yea Anthony Weiner is a creep and weird as fuck. But guess what toots? You’re the garbage can who fell in love with him and was at his beck and call whenever he wanted to jerk off to your fucking feet. If there’s anyone in this situation that looks like a pathetic slob, its you honey.

And one last thing – you would be lucky to have Chris Christie bless you with his New Jersey pork roll. Skank.

PS – The mistress saying she’d fuck the wife is probably the most disrespectful thing I think I’ve ever heard. If Huma is ever in the same room with this chick, watch out. Just shut the fuck up fatso before Huma cuts some bacon off your back.