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Greg Anthony Indefinitely Suspended By CBS For Soliciting A Prostitute

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Jesus Christ CBS take it easy. It’s just a prostitute.  Yeah I get that technically what he did was a crime, and that PC America thinks this is the worst thing of all time and can never listen to a guy on TV who GASP, pays for sex, but come on. We’re all adults. Half of these guys probably have far worse skeletons in their closet. If Greg Anthony is good at his job let him keep doing it. Slap him on the wrist, make him give us a teary eyed apology, have him go on The View and say how wrong he was, and then send him on his way. No reason to put the guy in the doghouse forever, that’s just mean. Also, if the police have the video of the sting, I’m going to need to see that ASAP. Greg Anthony’s face when he realizes he was fucked must have been an all timer.




Isn’t Greg Anthony married? So basically he was just trying not to cheat on his wife. If anything he should be commended for being responsible and not getting a full blown mistress.