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Russell Westbrook Tries To Pull A Marshawn Lynch, Answers Every Question "We Had Good Execution" And Comes Across As A Huge Dick



Ahhhh, so here’s the thing Russ. I’m not going to accuse you of blatantly ripping off Marshawn Lynch but his interviews have come fairly well known, and whether you want to admit it or not, my guess is sub consciously that led you to this post game Q & A. And therein lies the problem. You just look like a huge dickhead. I know that may sound semi-hypocritical because I find Marshawn Lynch’s interviews funny but didn’t this just seem mean spirited and spiteful? Couldn’t even hold yourself back from telling that one reporter “I just don’t like you”. Just very very strange. Leave this type of shit to the professionals. They at least make it seem a little less angry.





I appreciate you axin about my stomach.