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Whoops! Guy Flashes A Woman Running On The Charles, Turns Out She's An Israeli Soldier Who Immediately Chased Him Down And Called The Police

Source – Police are looking to identify a man who last week exposed himself to a woman jogging in Cambridge, then escaped when the woman tried to detain him.

The woman told Massachusetts State Police she was jogging on Memorial Drive near Vassar Street about 7:30 a.m. on July 18 when the man exposed himself as she jogged by him.

Surveillance video obtained from the area showed the woman stop, turn around and pursue the man and attempt to physically detain him.

“I told him I’m going to get him. ‘I’m going to get you, darling,'” the woman, who gave her name as Aia, recalled Wednesday while speaking to the media. “It was not his lucky day. Because I decided to chase him down.”

Aia, who is 6’1″ and served in the Israeli military, said she held the man for a few minutes and yelled for help, but no one came to her aid.


“Where I come from and how I grew up, we don’t just walk by. We don’t just ignore it, because I have a daughter and it could be my daughter next to him and she’s not going to be that,” Aia said. “If you want to call it bravery for what I did, yeah, it’s for the ones after me.”

The man eventually got away and fled the area down Amesbury Street, police said.

This is about as feel good of a story as a flashing can get. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if she were on camera subduing the guy. Israeli soldiers, male or female, are not to be fucked with. Unfortunately, the video ends right as the guy starts to “run” away again, but he’ll eventually be caught. They always are.

I put “run”in quotation marks because he’s built like a kettle bell. Regardless, I love everything about this lady. So happy, so sure of herself, rides a motorcycle. Could crush your head like a grape with her thighs. She checks all the boxes.

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Aia may have just become the most eligible bachelorette in Boston after that interview. Boston PD asks anyone with information on this guy to call Troopah Martin Concannon at 617-727-6780. Thank God Aia is all right.