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Paul George Is Full Of Shit And Everybody Knows It

Clippers Newest Players Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

Something I’ll never understand is whenever there’s a big time player that joins a new team, almost always they will say they were a fan of that team growing up. I get the idea behind it, you want to make your new fans excited about the signing, but my question does anyone actually give a shit? Especially in the case of Paul George, who had this to say in his press conference yesterday

I grew up a Clippers fan. I loved the Clippers as a kid.

As much of a Clippers fan, I was a Kobe fan. Kobe was my idol growing up.

Clippers been my team. For me, it was a chance to come back home and be a part of something that was already special.

This is surreal to be home and do it for a team that I grew up and wanted to be a part of ever since they missed out on me in the draft.

I mean who actually bought that shit? Does George think we forgot that when he forced his way out of Indiana that he didn’t tell the team that he was going to sign with the Lakers? He told everyone that was in earshot how he wanted to go to LA to play with the Lakers. There was no mention anywhere about the Clippers which is weird because if he grew up a Clippers fan and was looking to head to LA, you would think that would be where he wanted to go no? Well once the internet caught win of this lie, they did what the internet does


The thing that makes this whole thing tricky is there are also instances where George says he was both a Lakers and Clippers fan. That’s a thing? I know I’m from the East Coast, but there are actually people in LA who are both Lakers and Clippers fans? I thought those two fanbases hated each other. My point is, it just seems convenient that before this trade happened all George talked about was coming home to be a Laker. Now that he’s a Clipper, that changed to him being a Kobe fan but the Clippers were always his team growing up. The whole thing is so stupid, what fan gives a shit about who you rooted for? If he ended up with the Lakers, do you think he would talk about how he was a Clippers fan growing up? Of course not, he would talk about liking the Lakers and Kobe and how it was always his dream to put on the purple and gold.


George certainly isn’t the first athlete to do something like this and I get the pandering aspect of it, but guess what Clippers fans are going to love you no matter who you rooted for as a kid growing up in LA. Hell, Paul Pierce grew up a Lakers fan and I would take a bullet for the dude. As long as you sign on the dotted line and produce for your new team, you don’t need to spew some bullshit about how you always wanted to play for a certain team growing up. It’s that simple.