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Steve Ballmer Has A Long History Of Looking Like An Idiot On Camera And He's Still Worth $50 BILLION

So I've watched this Steve Ballmer clip about a thousand times and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. It's perfect. Anytime a rich guy comes off like a goofball I love it. We started talking about him before Breakfast today and Large casually mentioned that he used to be the CEO of Microsoft and is worth fifty BILLION dollars. A number that my brain can't even comprehend.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 8.49.38 AM

He's also has a history of looking like an absolute lunatic any time he's on camera. Like that time he laughed in a reporter's face when asked about whether or not the iPhone would catch on. Here's the video:

To be fair, no one knew how big the iPhone would become, but it's still wild to see someone be so sure of himself and end up so wrong. It reminded me of when Bill O'Reilly told Howard Stern Sirius XM would never work. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, I guess. Although it doesn't really matter when you have enough money to buy a third-world country.

As wild as that video is, my favorite one of all time is him on camera dancing during the Windows 95 launch party while Bill Gates tries to keep the beat. It's a thousand times better than the Howard Dean shriek he let out at yesterday's at the Clippers press conference.

So let this be a lesson to all the young Stoolies that no matter how stupid you look on camera, you can still be successful and own a sports team if you work hard. It's that simple. Enjoy your Thursday!