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Lebron James Who Once Famously Said The Biggest Regret of His Life Was Naming His Son Lebron James Jr Because of the Pressure To Live Up To His Name Won't Stop Bragging About How Bronny Almost Dunked On A Kid But Instead Missed A Layup That Cost His Son's Team The Game And League Title (Probably)


I literally stopped my vacation to blog this.  I should be at the Chicken Box in Nantucket.  I’m not.  I’m home working because when it comes to Lebron James my watch never ends.   I mean am I watching a different clip here?  I saw Lebron James Jr try to dunk on a kid and basically get rejected. He wasn’t even close.  So why is everybody freaking out in the gym?  Is it because Bronny cost his team 2 pts and a chance at compete for the league title?  Is it because now his teammates won’t get to play in front of the scouts tomorrow so he probably cost them a chance at a scholarship and ruined their futures?   Is that why everybody is freaking out?   It must be.

Now as far as Lebron Sr the dad goes he should be ashamed of himself.  What type of father forces his kids to drink wine and reinforces this type of showboat behavior?   He always talks about how he’s a historian of the game blah, blah, blah.  Well find me one player who would trade a missed dunk for an easy bucket.  I’m waiting… Unfortantely this is the type of basketball that Lebron has created.  Every man for themselves.  Winning and losing doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is your personal stats, your personal highlights, getting drunk and making movies. That’s it. God help us all.