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A Texas Cop Was Responding To A Noise Complaint At A Party, Shows Up And Shuts It Down...On The Mechanical Bull

Kilgore, TX – A noise complaint turned into a wild ride for a Texas police officer.

Officers responded to a house party going on Saturday night, with a mechanical bull in the backyard. One officer decided to try out the bull. And he managed to stay on it for almost 30 seconds, before falling off.

The party crowd gave him cheers and high fives. In the end, the officers told the revelers to keep it down.

So this party was for a girl’s 22nd birthday. So basically what we’ve got here is just a standard college party with a mechanical bull. Now as soon as a cop shows up to a college party, everybody immediately starts freaking out and telling everybody else to shut up. They’re just kids so their minds immediately go to worst-case scenario mode where everybody gets arrested for partying and thrown in jail for life. It’s a top 5 worst feeling in the world. You’ve probably got a few underage kids at the party who need to get out of there because they were drinking. Chances are you’ve got at least a couple of pot smokers who get super paranoid and try to take off. Everybody just loses their mind trying not to get in trouble. Your heart sinks to the bottom of your stomach and as the cop starts walking through the party you think to yourself, “goddammit. This is it. I’m done”.


Then the cop hops on the mechanical bull, takes it for a spin, and gives you a quick “alright but just keep it down if you could” on the way out. You went from thinking you’re about to spend the rest of the night in jail to now having a story for the rest of your life. Pretty solid turn of events, if you ask me.

I’m just glad that whoever was controlling that mechanical bull wasn’t too big of a jackass and took it easy on the cop. Buddy still had his gun on him. The whole time I was watching that video I was just waiting for an accident.

P.S. – Thank god Smitty’s not a cop. That’s obviously for a slew of different reasons, but primarily because he is god awful at riding mechanical bulls.