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Ten Best Larry David Cameos On Seinfeld

For some reason sites like Buzzfeed and other picture gallery sites are hot in the internet streets right now. People understand they just make stupid lists, right? Shit absolutely anybody can do. So the other night watching my Seinfeld hour on TBS I saw Pres tweet out that Larry David is the one yelling about his Kosher meal on the plane. Decided to make a list of the best Larry David cameos in Seinfeld history. A list people actually care about, not some dumb shit like “28 pics to restore your faith in humanity”. My apologies if I just broke the internet.


10. Assisting surgeon when Kramer drops a Junior Mint into Elaine’s boyfriend


9. Standing in the hall when Kramer gets arrested for being the Smog Strangler (sneaky my favorite. Such a weird look on his face)


8. Street vendor who doesn’t accept money with lipstick on the president… your majesty


7. German scientist on TV when Jerry remembers his killer punchline


6. Inmate who threatens to cut Jerry because he doesn’t like his jokes in the last episode. Every internet commenter ever basically.


5. “Is anybody here a Marine Biologist?”


4. “I ordered it six weeks ago… I forgot”


3. GreenPeace guy rescuing whales with Elaine’s boyfriend when he dies


2. Any Steinbrenner clip really. This is my favorite. Also liked when he thought George was a Communist and wanted to use him as an in with the Cubans.

1. The man in the cape. So subtle. So Seinfeld. So perfect.