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A Bunch Of Cats Pooped All Over Joe Rogan's Truck When He Left It Parked At LAX For 11 Days

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.41.53 PM

What in the hell is going on with the cats in California?????? You could’ve given me 500 guesses to the question, “What animal pooped all over Joe Rogan’s truck when he left it park at LAX for 11 days?” and cats would not have been one of them. Bears, mountain lions, tigers, horses, deer all would’ve been on my list of first guesses. I honestly might’ve guessed dinosaurs pooped on Joe Rogan’s truck before I guessed cats. But cats??? Wild cats just be pooping on cars that sit in the extended parking lot for too long? That’s legitimately jaw dropping. Those are some serious cat logs.

If this were anybody else’s car other than Joe Rogan I’d call bullshit (pun intended) on that being cat poop but, knowing Rogan, he was probably high as fuck one night and read the only article on the internet that teaches you how to identify cat poop. If there’s anybody on Earth who possesses the knowledge on how to identify when a bunch of cats piss and shit all over your vehicle, it’s Joseph James Rogan from the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience.


Theo Von weighed in on the cat poop

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I love Theo so much.