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This Guy/Girl Super Bowl Parody Just Officially Killed Uptown Funk

So this is what’s going viral right now. As a whole, this isn’t terrible. Not especially creative or funny, but not too shabby. However, it’s just an example of how the grave has already been dug for what was once a great, fresh jam. Quicker than usual, too. Uptown Funk has gone the way of the Dodo along with the Call Me Maybe, Blurred Lines and Gangnum Styles of the world. Now you only have to get through another 6 or so months of Bruno Mars parodies and we’re in the clear. Can’t wait till NFL Cheerleaders start rolling out their videos in thee Summer thinking they’re the best new thing. OMG SO FUNNY!

Actually, that song was officially murdered over a month ago. #UptownWhiteFunk has no place in this life or the next.