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Big PETA Nemesis Jimmy's Seafood Is Launching Their New Beer, "PETA Tears" Today

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Washington Times - Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore is selling a limited run of “PETA Tears” lager to celebrate last year’s “go vegan” billboards targeting the crab industry.

PETA made national headlines in 2018 with giant crab billboards reading “I’m ME, Not MEAT. See the individual. Go vegan,” but the nearby activism wasn’t appreciated by Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

The restaurant, which responded at the time with “SteaMEd crabs. Here to stay. Get famous” billboards of its own, is back for an encore.

“One year ago, PETA launched an unprovoked attack on the crab industry here in Maryland,” the restaurant recently wrote on its Facebook page. “Fresh off the perceived success of their asinine tussle with Barnum’s Animal Crackers, the millionaires expected an easy victory in The Old Line State. Boy, were they wrong!”

“To celebrate the one year anniversary of this historic moment, we’ve crafted a refreshing new locally brewed lager — PETA Tears,” the statement continued. “This golden masterpiece (4.9% ABV) is a limited-time release, and is perfectly paired with steamed crabs — and all other seafood! Turns out that their tears are in fact quite delicious!”

That’s awesome. No two ways about it, that’s awesome. And this is all PETA’s fault. They fired the first shot and now they are taking L after L after L. They put up a billboard facing Jimmy’s trying to get people not to eat crabs


To which Jimmy’s responded by going scorched Earth on them

and then putting up their own billboard

Since the spat, Jimmy’s has continued to shit all over PETA, and with no slowing down, including brewing their own beer called “Drink PETA’s Tears” which is an unbelievable move.


Goodnight, PETA. At least you tried.