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Could You Please Ask The Sommelier Which Box Of Wine Pairs Best With These Cheez-It's


Insider – This summer, you can enjoy cheese, crackers, and wine on the go — no corkscrew or fancy cheeseboard required. Cheez-It and House Wine are releasing a portable split box that combines red wine and cheesy crackers, perfect for summer picnics.

Starting Thursday, the limited-edition House Wine and Cheez-It box will be available to purchase for $25 at OriginalHouseWine.com.  This split box contains original Cheez-It crackers and a dispensable red wine blend — 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot — from House Wine.

This pairing was specially chosen by House Wine’s winemaker, Hal Landvoigt, who said the red currant and fruit flavors of House Wine’s original red blend complemented the cheesy flavor of Cheez-It’s original baked crackers.

Cheese and wine has been a staple in the fancy community for centuries. The pairing dates back hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and still holds up to this day. It’s the peanut butter & jelly of upper class society. With that being said…

You ain’t a real fancy bitch unless you’re pairing your Cheez-It’s with some boxed wine this summer.

Want to really impress all of your shithead friends at the next party you throw? Boom. Here is your show stopper item. This is what everybody is going to talk about for weeks and weeks after the party. And if you want to get even fancier? Well I bet you could go out and buy some Lunchables, use the meat from said Lunchables and then you can put out a full Charcuterie platter. I’d recommend going with the ham from the Ham & Cheese Lunchables, though you could also settle for the bologna. That can be our little secret.

I understand this lavish lifestyle of luxury isn’t for everybody. But if you’re someone who wants to break into the world of glitz and glamor and fame and fortune, Cheez-It’s and House Wine are your ticket in.