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Yikes: Forever 21 Sent Atkins Diet Bars To Customers That Ordered From Their Plus-Size Collection

Customers who ordered from Forever 21’s plus-size collection got way more than they bargained for this week.

The retailer sent Atkins low-carb lemon diet bars to its customers, which included those who purchased plus-size clothing. The tone-deaf move was called out on social media as a prime example of fat-shaming.

Look, I’m all for a little tough love….but this is perhaps the worst marketing decision I’ve ever seen in the history of the commerce industry. And this isn’t just a 2019 Snowflake talking. This would’ve been a terrible idea back in 1969 when there wasn’t a care in the world, and now in 2019, whoever created this plan should be fired and probably checked into a mental institution. They clearly do not understand the way the world works. And Forever 21 can back-peddle or spin-zone all they want, I’m not buying it.

Forever 21 surprises our customers with free test products from third parties in their e-commerce orders” and that the Atkins bar was sent to customers who ordered any item, not just to those who ordered clothing in larger sizes.

Folks, you are a CLOTHING COMPANY. I don’t care if they ordered from the plus-sized collection or not, everyone is concerned with their appearance. So to throw in a package of diet bars with a clothing order is so incredibly clueless that I question whether I’m in the right profession. Forever 21’s Chief Marketing Officer is probably bringing in what, $500,000 a year? Pay me a measly $50K and I’ll walk behind her and tell her when she comes up with a stupid idea. I’ll even fix those stupid ideas for another 10 grand. How about partnering with a laundry detergent company? That slipper would fit perfectly. But I would stay away from promotional deals with diet brands. Just my two cents.


Anyways, of course the internet has freaked out.


I would just offer everyone a $50 gift card to the Forever 21 store and move on.