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There Is Zero, And I Repeat ZERO, Chance That Bagel Boss Guy Is Actually An Eagles Fan

This video is currently circulating around the Fake News Industry right now and let me just say this very clearly–it is exactly what I just said. It is FAKE MOTHER HECKING NEWS.

Now I’m sure that the video actually exists. It appears to show the Bagel Boss guy giving a birthday shoutout to someone on Cameo whilst wearing a Desean Jackson Eagles jersey. While I have no doubt in my mind that the video actually happened and is not doctored at all, I can tell you right now that Bagel Boss guy is 1000000% not an Eagles fan in real life.

For starters, the man is from Long Island. People from Long Island love being from Long Island more than anything else in the world. So there’s just no possible way that someone who has lived their entire life on the Island would ever be a fan of a team that’s not from New York, and especially not a Philly team. So right off the bat, this seems a little sketchy to me.


But secondly and most importantly? Bagel Boss guy doesn’t know the words to “Fly Eagles Fly”. That right there is a dead giveaway that he’s not actually an Eagles fan, but he was just wearing an Eagles jersey for this video. Eagles fans learn the words to “Fly Eagles Fly” before we even learn our ABCs. The first words that Eagles fans ever say isn’t “momma” or “dadda”. It’s “goooooo Birds”. I can tell you right now that there’s not a single Eagles fan in the world who would ever completely botch “Fly Eagles Fly” like that. So it’s a fake.

My guess is that Bagel Boss guy is probably a Giants fan, which would explain why he was so passionate with that “Fuck Dallas” at the end. But now this brings up an entirely different issue. Because this is a ROUGH look for Giants fans everywhere. You would never see an Eagles fan put on a Giants jersey for a $50 video. You would never see an Eagles fan put on a Giants jersey for a $500 video. I mean do Giants fans not have any respect for themselves? Do they not have any respect for their team? I mean to put on the jersey of a division rival just to make a quick buck? That’s low, man. That’s real low. No pun intended.