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Dare You To Tell Me The Knicks Lost The Offseason After Watching This Video Proving Frank Ntilikina Is Michael Jordan

Oh, you thought the Knicks lost this offseason because they didn’t get Durant, Kyrie or Kawhi? Well, think again suckers. This video shows it otherwise. Frankie Smokes is really just a French Jordan. I mean spot the lie here.

Celebration? Nailed it. Jumper? Yep, looks the same. Getting into scraps? No doubt about it. Blocks at the rim? Yeah, I see that too. Maybe Bobby Portis was on to something saying the Knicks are loaded.


Sure everyone thought the Knicks were just loaded at the power forward spot because they signed 18 of them in free agency. But, little did you know they are also loaded at point guard because they have French Jordan. I don’t see other teams in the league with a young Jordan like the Knicks do.

Or this is me just sitting around in July trying to convince myself Frankie Smokes doesn’t actually suck. I think he sucks, but now my mind is all over the place. I’m still mad the Knicks drafted him 8th while passing on DSJ (and then trading for him), Donovan Mitchell and Malik Monk.