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Mason Foster's Agent Is Mad Online About His Client (Who Previously Said “Fuck this team and fuck this fan base”) Being Cut

I mean I’m no defender of the way the Redskins run their team, but this is RICHHHHH stuff coming from an agent. Like…what are you even talking about, Blake? You’re an agent. You know how the game goes. Your entire job is to nickel and dime and try to fuck teams over, but you’re mad when a team cuts a player? This is the NFL bucko, is this your first day on the job? I don’t even get what he is even mad about? Players get cut without reason all the fucking time. This is crazy that he’s all big mad online over this.


If this came from Mason Foster I’d agree. I feel for players when they get cut, it sucks to lose your job. But from his AGENT? That’s laugh out loud funny. “I operate in good faith as a human being & as a business”….what are you even saying? You’re an agent! You aren’t a samurai! This is bananas. And EVEN MORE BECAUSE MASON FOSTER HAS SLANDERED THE REDSKINS!!!!!!


So kick rocks, the both of you. I actually like Mason Foster, but his agent whining online is bizzarro world.