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Larry David Talking About How Much He Loves Hotel Sex Is A Little Strange



Love Larry David but the thought of him having sex is almost too much to handle. Just a lot of complaining and weird noises, talking about shit while actually having sex, all of it would be so strange. In the list of people you least want to visualize fucking it goes 1. Your Parents 2. Pres 3. Larry David. But, everything he said was spot on. Hotel life is the best life. You can be whoever you want to be. You’re a man with no home, no flag. You come and go as you please, no one knows you, you could be a Cowboy from Arizona or a Pimp from Oakland. Room Service, your bed made every day, and hotel sex. So foreign and new. People who travel for work all the time will probably say that hotel life gets old very quickly but if I could, I think I would live in a hotel for the rest of my life. Just be one of those old guys that’s permanently moved in. Goes to the front desk in his robe and reads the paper in the lobby every morning. You wake up in a hotel and you feel important. Not to mention the fact that no one has ever turned down the line “want to go party in my hotel room?”. You can’t, because hotel life is the best life.