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Michael Kay Says His Show Is Better Than Mike Francesa's

How fuckin desperate do these clowns sound? Sound downright pathetic babbling about the ratings and how they’re so proud of their show and shit. Have some self respect goodness gracious.

Look there’s a few things you can definitely say about Mike. Dude is grumpy as fuck. Dude preaches a ton with nobody there to counter him. And he often sounds ridiculous stuttering and stammering through his work sometimes. Those are like 3 things that I wouldn’t blame anybody for viewing as a negative for sports talk radio. Personally, I love that he’s grumpy and I love when he says ridiculous shit and screws up names and pronunciations and all that stuff. I think that actually makes the show hilarious. I do miss Mad Dog, and I think Mike is 1,000 times better with a partner to play off of. Any time he’s got Dog on the show he’s smiling, laughing, having fun with it, and naturally its better for discussion when you have multiple points of view. Since Mike has gone out on his own it hasn’t been the same. Not as good as it once was.

But Francesa at his worst is still infinitely better than the Michael Kay show. Absolutely no comparison. First off, you can knock Francesa for a lot of shit but his interviews are untouchable. The face that Kay tried to say ESPNs interviews are better is patently ridiculous. Mike invented sports radio, has more experience than anybody, gets all the best guests, and does a tremendous job questioning all of them. He’s in idiot in a lot of other ways, but not in that department. He’s bias, he’s unfair, sometimes he’s even downright rude – but all of that makes for such entertaining interviews. I can see where Michael Kay is trying to make his argument, and its from a technical sports radio perspective. Francesa yelling “Waitasekind” 40 times in a row is not proper radio hosting. Francesa treating the Jets GM like he’s a fucking clown off the street is not proper interviewing. Mike falling a fucking sleep on air is not very high quality radio performance. But all of that combined makes for one preposterous 6 hour show. A lot of the times I’m tuning into to watch/listen to Mike’s performance – not even to listen to the sports talk. And I’m sure, again, from a technical stand point, Michael Kay thinks thats a negative thing. But hearing Mike scream about the Mets or Jets in his monologue (Theyyyyy STINK!), hearing Mike bash absurd Yankees calls (Andy Pettitte is a STAHRTING PITCHA!), even listening to him babble on about his knee surgeries and fucking horse racing, is pure entertainment. It might be unintentional a lot of the time, but I really don’t give a fuck about that. Kay might be more polished or more professional but I absolutely do not care about that.


PS – Don Lagreca can just shut the fuck up all together. I am dying to hear Francesa respond to him specifically. “Don Lergrecer? Who is that?” Its gonna be like Pedro and Karim Garcia. “Who is Don Lagreca?”