If You Think Cardale Jones Is A First Round Pick I Just Assume You've Never Watched Football Before

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I’ve been hearing this in various places. Cardale Jones over Mariota and Jameis. The Bears should look at Cardale Jones at 7, Cardale Jones is now the best prospect in the draft. What? Are people that swayed by a total of 3 football games? I’m not saying Cardale Jones can’t be a good pro, he certainly has the arm strength, but he is by far and away the riskiest prospect of the top 3. He could be first round talent but to say you know after such a small sample size is crazy.


Did anyone see him try to read a defense on Monday night? It took forever for him to get through his progressions. Half of his passes were jump balls that relied on incredible wide receivers. Devin Smith is the single best deep ball guy in the NCAA, why is that not mentioned?  And his running? It was impressive sure, but do you honestly think that Cardale Jones can run like that in the pro’s? His speed is nowhere near good enough and his size, while enormous in college, is negated in the NFL. Just imagine Cardale Jones trying to run up the middle on Suh or Wilfork or Ngati. He isn’t trucking those guys over. Or imagine him trying to get the edge on a DE who is faster and bigger, or a linebacker that is his exact size. I get the guy was incredible and the story was a storybook one but anyone who thinks Cardale Jones should go in the first round is nuts. He could be great, but the risk just does not come anywhere near the reward in my mind.




For the record I don’t really love Mariota or Jameis either, so if you want to argue that Cardale technically has the most upside (mostly because we haven’t seen his downside, a fact no one seems to be mentioning) I’ll accept that, but drafting him in the first round is nuts.