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Max Domi Is Absolutely Unbelievable At Ice Hockey Things

Are you kidding me? Are you gosh darn kidding me? Max Domi is about as filthy as they come and that absolutely terrifies me. The kid had a hell of a World Juniors tournament over the holidays and now he’s right back in the swing of things. If the Coyotes manage to hold on to this kid and pick up one of the top 2 picks this year, Arizona might just end up being the hockey capital of the world. They’ll have ASU playing DI puck with all the puck sluts you can imagine. And then you’ll have Maxwell playing with either Mr. McDavid or Mr. Eichel. Excuse me while I go change my pants real quick. And of course, it wouldn’t be right to have a post about Max Domi without throwing in this video of daddy.

h/t @PeteBlackburn