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PRAY FOR THE NBA: Bobby Portis Says The Knicks Are Loaded At Every Position And Going To The Playoffs

“The naysayers, the haters, the people who are doubting us will say that we’re crazy as hell for saying that (the playoffs are a realistic goal),” Portis said. “We have a lot of pieces who can play. I think we’re loaded at every position; there are two-to-three players who could start at every position. When you have that much talent, that rises the competitiveness and improves the team as a whole.”

Fuck it. It’s the end of July. I spent way too much time in the heat this weekend so you know what? I believe him, yo.

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I mean prove where he’s wrong. Look at the Knicks roster. Point guard spot? Loaded. They quite literally have a bunch of guys that play that spot. And the power forward spot? Don’t even get me started here. I’m pretty sure they have every power forward in the league. So, yeah, you could say they are in a good spot. Perhaps a superteam even

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Obviously what is Portis supposed to say here? They are going to tank? Hell no. Good luck getting Bobby fucking Portis to say that. This is a man that will fight his teammates if he has to – same as Jordan. This is a team that will go 100mph at all times and Fizdale will want them to do that.

So who needs Durant and Kyrie? Who needed that meeting with Kawhi? Missing out on the No. 1 pick and Zion? We got the underdogs. Pray for the NBA. Pray so hard for the NBA.*

*Pray for me, Clem, Hubbs, KFC and the rest of the idiots in the Barstool world that are willingly Knicks fans. We don’t deserve this.