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MythBusters Doing An Entire Breaking Bad Episode

Yes, I wanna know about trying to melt a body in a bathtub. Yes, I wanna know about using giant electromagnets to erase evidence through the brick wall of a building. Yes I wanna know about the mercury fulminate exploding in Tuco’s face.

But can we run some scenarios about how unlikely it is that 2 commercial airplanes would collide in the fucking sky because the air traffic controller was slacking because his daughter choked on her own vomit? Easily the most implausible story in all of Breaking Bad. That was the only time in the history of that show I was like “Gimme a fucking break.” Which is absurd considering some of the shit they’ve done. But that episode was just completely ridiculous.

Episode airs August 12, right after the final eps premiere August 11.