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Brandon Rush Sent Poor Ricky Davis To An Early Grave This Weekend

I don’t care where it happens. It could be Summer League, it could be open runs, it could be a random pick up game, it could be the Big 3, I will always appreciate a ruthless ankle breaking move into a game winner. This right here from Brandon Rush on Ricky Davis was one of the nastiest we’ve seen in a while. I love Ricky Davis, we shared some good moments together in the mid 2000s, I got his Celts jersey half off at the Greendale Mall after he got traded, and if there’s one thing I know about Ricky Davis it’s that he’s not known for his defense and this right here is why. I mean he went for it all with that steal, reached like a dummy and Brandon Rush read it the whole way. What happened next is the exact opposite of what you want to happen in 2019. Now it’s on the internet, now we can all point and laugh because god damn did he go flying. I will say, my Celtics homerism wants to say that maybe his sneaker slipped and that’s why Davis went flying and not the move, but it was most likely a combination of the two.

As we know it all comes down to the shot though. Can’t have a million dollar move with a 10 cent finish, you NEED to make the jumper in that situation. If you don’t, sure it was a nice move but it’s mostly whatever. It’s why that James Harden move on Wesley Johnson was so ruthless, because he made the shot

So for Brandon Rush to not only send Ricky Davis to an early grave but to also bury the game winning shot was an awesome moment. That’s all I want in mid summer basketball. Give me entertainment, give me something in between watching summer workout videos and open runs to scratch my basketball itch. Plays like this certainly do the trick, so do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on the Big 3.