The Iranian Special Forces Who Fast-Roped Onto A British Oil Tanker Are Terrible At Fast Roping

Via Task and Purpose

In the footage, Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps troops can be seen preparing to board the Stena Impero from inside the helicopter. Other footage shows the perspective from Iranian boats that surrounded the vessel. Iran’s seizure of the ship came in response to the July 4 capture of an Iranian oil tanker by Royal Marines.

Britain said Iran’s seizure of the ship was a “hostile act.” Iran has claimed that all 23 crew members are “safe and in good health.”

Before the ship was boarded, an English-speaking Iranian officer called to the tanker over the radio and said, “If you obey, you will be safe. Alter your course to 360 degrees immediately, over.”

A nearby British warship advised the tanker to maintain its course, though the Royal Navy vessel was not close enough to offer protection.

Above the vessel, the video shows Iranian troops looking down on the ship and pointing out where to board, before dropping a rope that a half-dozen commandos slide down onto the ship.

I bet the Captain of the oil tanker was like “maintain course? Easy for you to say, innnit? you aren’t close enough to help me and I’m sittin ere surrounded and lads are comin down from fuckin helicopters, ya dumb wanker. Stay the course? You stay the course ya grimy cunt.”

That being said, things are heating up all over the world and sometimes I believe videos like this are released by other government/our government as a way to incite fear and beat the drums of war. If that was the case, we have nothing to worry about. That was some of the slowest fast roping I’ve ever seen. Honestly, it was like when Marine recruits are asked to fast-rope for the first time. Slow and steady wins the face and slow is smooth and smooth is fast but god damn. There needs to be at least a small sense of urgency when you are headed down from the chopper and onto a boat.

Lots of crazy shit happening on the water lately. Whether it’s the Iranians getting nuts on an oil tanker or our Coast Guard Jason Bourning themselves onto a narco sub, I’m gaining new respect for maritime operations.

Respect the water and it will respect you. -Kevin Costner in Waterworld -Uncle Chaps from Zero Blog Thirty/Barstool Sports