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From The New York Desk: It's So Hot In Brooklyn That Power Lines Are Catching On Fire

As someone who writes for Barstool New York, this is absolutely devasting for my people here. I cannot imagine the stressors of having to deal with 83-degree temps. That seems unnaturally hot. No area in the country should have to deal with that type of heat.

Look at this heatwave. It simply won’t relent. Damit it! Us New Yorkers dont deserve this onslaught from the sun! WE. ARE. NOT. TOUGHER. THAN. THE. SUN. Is that what you needed to hear, ole Lord of the Sky? Regrettably, there is no relief anywhere in sight and authorities are losing their minds about it.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 8.27.17 AM

That being said, please do not mock or snicker at Texas and the South when we get two inches of snow. We simply are not equipped for that type of weather. I’d ask that you show us a modicum of respect during our future times of need just as we have done for you today. Thank you.