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Every Barcelona Player Now Has 3 Weeks To Return Their Free Cars After The Team's Partnership With Audi Expired


Source – Automobile giant Audi has demanded that ​Barcelona’s players return their free cars after the German manufacturer’s sponsorship deal with the Spanish champions expired.

The Catalan club entered into a partnership with the car company last year and ​Lionel Messi and his squad were offered free cars as part of the deal.

And now, according to Spanish newspaper Diario AS, the deal between Audi and Barcelona finished on 30th June. And the car giant, who ​has similar deals with Real Madrid and ​Bayern Munich, want their cars to be returned.

Well I guess you could say that this partnership has gotten pretty….messy. I guess you could say that Barcelona is now outty with Audi. And you know what? I think that I have to be outty on Audi as well. I mean not that I could afford to buy an Audi anyway but even if I did have that kind of money, I’m done with Audi forever. Because this is a rough, rough look. Don’t get me wrong, I realize these cars are expensive as shit. Here’s a quick little rundown of what everybody was whipping around in for Barcelona.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 9.25.53 AM

I’ll admit I have no idea what those numbers actually mean in US dollars. But I have to imagine that’s a heavy ass payroll for free cars. With that being said…


The painting was a gift! The painting was a gift!

You simply cannot take back a gift. That’s now how life works. And I’m sure these gifts weren’t necessarily heartfelt gifts from Audi like the painting was from Todd. But a gift is a gift nevertheless. Even if gifting these cars was a business decision from Audi, you can’t take the cars back just because your business with Barcelona is over. That’s a move that I’d expect to see from a manufacturer like Kia or something like that. Not from Audi. And no offense to Kia or anything, but I’m just trying to think about cars that I could afford to buy.

Sidenote: I would gladly take all of this back if Audi just so happened to want to send me a car as a gift. Just a thought.