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How Badly Does Mrs. Wheeler Want To Bang Gritty?

Christ, Karen. Keep it in your pants. You have a husband and you’re a mother of 3. And now you’re over here practically filling up the deep end of the pool all because of a drastically younger lifeguard? You could be his mom. Mid-life crisis much?

I’ll admit though–if there is anybody who is worth throwing all of that away over, Gritty is that stud. I bet he would take Karen Wheeler out for the ride of her life. And Mr. Wheeler would have no other choice but to just respect and accept it. Heck, he may even want to watch. Gritty is a bad boy and we all know how much the ladies love a bad boy. I mean one bender out with Gritty and Karen Wheeler would be returning home with a sleeve full of tattoos, a Camaro convertible, and possibly even a little tiny coke habit. That’s just what Gritty does. He turns these wholesome suburbia mothers into absolute psychos, and I can’t blame them one bit.


P.S. – Spot the lie. You can’t.