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Pat Fitzgerald Went On An A+ Meatball Rant This Weekend On How Cell Phones Are Ruining College Football

College football is only 33 days away.  I truly believe that Chicago is one of the best college football cities in the country even though we don’t truly have a school in city limits that plays major conference football.  It’s more that it’s the Big Ten capital of the country and every Saturday each bar is slam packed with people donning scarlet and gray, green and white, yell and black, etc.  starting at 7am on college football Saturdays.  I love taking the Red Line at 630am to Evanston and looking down on the streets and seeing bars already packed to the brim with people ready to get after it for whatever school they root for.  It’s awesome.

That’s why every time I read a new article on how CFB’s attendance numbers are declining every year, I get surprised.  Chicago loves college football.  But apparently the rest of the country is starting to get sick of it?  No idea but the numbers are in fact kinda gross.


Anyways, couldn’t agree more with my man Patty Fitz here.  That said, there has got to be 1 million different factors that have affected CFB attendance.  Shit like:

– a universal disdain of the NCAA by pretty much everyone
– lack of alcohol sales at games
– cheapness of watching the game on the couch

and many more.  and though I agree with him that technology has created a “look at me” society, I fully admit I’m addicted to my phone as well.  Can’t put it down for more than a few mins at a time.  It’s awful, and chances are that if you’re reading this website you re too.  Most of us can’t even drop a deuce without having our cell phone on us.  In Fitz’ words, it’s pathetic.  I’ve left my phone in Ubers a few times and every time I do I am totally stricken with anxiety until I either get it back or suck it up and get a new one.  My dad also doesn’t let me use my phone in his presence.  The second I walk into his house he makes me turn it off because “it has atrophied my brain”.

Ironically enough, Northwestern saw their average attendance shoot up by about 8,000 people/ game last year, the best in the country.  A lot of that had to do with their amazing home schedule that featured ND, Nebraska, Michigan, Wisconsin and others, but they can attribute it to winning as well.  Typically, winning cures all in sports.  Want more people in the crowd?  Win some goddamn football games.  Looking at you, U of I.  You guys stink.