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A Man Called In A Fake Bomb Threat To An Airplane So He Could Ask One Of The Flight Attendants On A Date, Proving Once And For All That Love Is Still Alive

Reuters- A 65-year old Serbian man confessed in court on Saturday to calling in a false bomb threat to stop a Lufthansa flight attendant from leaving the country because he hoped she would go on a date with him.

One hundred thirty passengers and five crew members were evacuated from flight LH 1411 on Thursday before its take-off en route from Belgrade to Frankfurt. The plane was removed from the runway so a special police squad could search it. A spokesman for the prosecutor told Serbian media the prosecution had asked the court to keep the man in custody pending charges of causing panic and disorder.

The man told the court he had met two flight attendants and invited them for dinner but they refused. He especially liked one of them, and after he failed to locate her at her hotel, he made one last desperate attempt to keep her from leaving by phoning in a bomb threat.

Just when you thought the magical mystery of love was dead and buried because your favorite celebrity couple called it quits to bump nasties with some other supersexy celeb, in comes a 65-year-old lovesick bomb hoaxing Serb from the clouds to let you know all is right with the world. We hear all the time about how Shooters Shoot. But the real romantics are the ones allegedly (fake) bombing airplanes full of people just for a chance to make a love connection. Call me old fashioned, but if you can’t see the beauty in one day telling your grandkids that you landed the love of your life because ol’ Pappy called in a terroristic threat, your soul is already dead. Or you are one of the 130 or so people on that plane that feared for your life and had to endure an especially fucked up day of flying, which already sucks enough as is, because some weirdo Serbian dude was either super in love or super horny. Or you are a member of the SWAT team that thought you were going in for a bomb because someone got turned down for dinner or drinks. Or you are an innocent flight attendant with no interest in a rando that calls in a bomb threat.


However if you are the flight attendant, once the shock of some stalker creep calling in a bomb threat for you wears off, you have to be a little honored, right? It’s not quite a thousand ships being sent for Helen of Troy. But a fake bomb threat to an airplane in 2019 has to equal about a dozen wooden ships during the Ancient Greece days. And while calling in a bomb threat can land you charges for panic and disorder, anybody that has truly ever been in love feels those two emotions all the time.

Regardless, here’s to hoping that this love-struck son of a bitch finding true love with his cellmate in what will likely be a decent jail sentence in a Serbian prison.