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YUM: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Now Being Served With Parasitic Worms


UK – A mother turned white with disgust when she bit into a Chicken McNugget she had bought for her four-year-old child – and found what appeared to be a ‘McWorm’ dangling out. Nikki Sanders, 30, said her daughter had turned down the food, so she took a bite instead, and discovered the fleshy tube at Tamworth’s Ventura Park. ‘I’m very fussy about what I eat and when I saw what was in the McNugget I went white,’ Nikki, from Atherstone, told the Birmingham Mail. Husband Neil described the creature as a ‘McWorm’ and said, ‘The worry is, that was the first one Nikki had bitten. It looks like a worm, but I can’t swear it’s one until tests have been carried out. ‘Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be in there.’ Neil claims a staff member told him: ‘We’ll sort you out with something.’

Ba da da da da! McDonald’s does it again! McWorms for all! Like it or not that parasitic creature is probably the least harmful thing in that little girl’s lunch. There’s enough pink slime in those nuggets to scare the pants off of Egon Spangler. I’m half surprised Vigo The Carpathian doesn’t rise out of every Happy Meal. But that’s what you get for taking your chances with a McNugget. Wendy’s white meat chicken nuggets FTW and then some.

Love the move by McDonald’s staff saying “We’ll sort you out with something”. Yup. A couple McFlurries should cover the kid’s medical bills when that worm turns her into a clicker from The Last Of Us.