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Words Can't Express How Excited I Am For "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?"


I can’t put enough emphatince into how excited I am for this. I’ve never been a reality TV guy at all. Never watched the Real World or Survivor or American Idol or anything. Doesn’t do it for me. But starting April 21st I am one trillion percent a What Would Ryan Lochte Do? watcher. Everyone at Barstool hates him and I have no idea why. He’s the Rob Gronkowski of swimming. May not be the brightest bulb but he’s a good looking guy and a great athlete who just wants to party and have a good time. You’d watch a Gronk reality show, wouldn’t you? This is the next best thing. If you hate Lochte the only reason is because he doesn’t put a Patriots jersey on every Sunday. I’m in. #JEah!

Editors Note – WORST BLOG EVER.


PS – Ryan… your sister… woof