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Adam Levine Told Nina Agdal He Was Engaged Via Text Message

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Absolutely smoke. Nina too

Daily MailHe has been known for dating a string of beautiful models in a relatively short space of time. And it seems it has not always been easy for Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine to keep his ex-girlfriends informed of his love life in a sensitive manner, after it was reported he told ex Nina Agdal of his current engagement via text message. The Maroon 5 singer – who announced he will marry Victoria’s Secret babe Behati Prinsloo last week – left the model ‘heartbroken’ after she learned of his impending nuptials through an impersonal note, according to the New York Post. Adam, 34, briefly dated the 21-year-old beauty earlier this year after he and Behati ended their one-year romance in May.  The Voice coach was spotted on holiday with Nina in Los Cabos, Mexico, in June, but quickly reunited with Behati following the getaway after realising he still had feelings for the Namibian model. Adam was reportedly not ‘serious’ about his relationship with Nina and decided to win Behati back.

I tweeted about Adam Levine when he first pulled this move and got engaged calling it one of the biggest power moves ever. He broke up with a Victoria’s Secret model for like 5 minutes, fucked the hottest up and coming Sports Illustrated model in the world as a fling, and then wheeled the Victoria’s secret model back in for the long haul. You may ask yourself – does it get any cockier than that?

Why yes. Yes it does. Dropping an “Oh bee tee dubs, I’m engaged to that other model I used to be with” text on the aforementioned SI model takes it to a whole new level. The whole notion that this guy can pick and choose which broads he fucks, which chicks he dumps, and which chicks he marries is just so unbelievably absurd. Like you know how when you have a girlfriend, there’s always that one chick in the back of your mind who you’d try to fuck if you were single? That one chick who’s kinda the forbidden fruit. Maybe she’s everything your girlfriend isn’t or shes just the one smoke who always got away. Every dude has that girl. The only difference is that for Adam Levine that fucking girl is goddam Nina Agdal. And ordinarily when you go back to your ex and she knows that you banged the super smoke you always wanted, you’re eternal doghouse. Nope Adam Levine pops the question and she’s over the moon. Guy literally does whatever he wants, whenever he wants with the most choice pieces of ass on the planet. I mean 99.9% of the men in this world would do whatever they could just to get some face time with Nina Agdal and Levine over here is doing everything he can to avoid her just shitting on her via text.

PS – Behati is a smoke, no doubt:

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But she is NO Nina Agdal:

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