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To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing, Here's Buzz Aldrin Punching A Conspiracy Theorist In The Face

What an absolute thud from Buzz, my goodness.

This clip from a few years ago usually makes the rounds whenever Buzz Aldrin has a birthday, anniversary or is in the news, but it is gold every single time. If you step up in someone’s face like that and call them a coward and a liar, you should probably expect that person to punch you. It would seem as though this guy did not expect anything, because he has a hilarious look of shock on his face…


It takes some balls to walk up to Buzz Aldrin and emphatically tell him that he did not walk on the moon, I will give the guy that… I guess. But, also, he comes off like such a fucking douche bag that this brings me a ton of joy. You can see in the full video that the punch-receiver really wouldn’t leave Buzz alone.


Hey, guy, Buzz once had to act under Michael Bay as his director, he has no time for your bullshit.

Apparently, the charges filed by the guy who received the haymaker were dropped after he realized he had zero chance in court.

I personally believe in the moon landing. If you don’t? That’s fine, I guess. I don’t really have the energy to entertain the conspiracy so I will just say this: good for you, Buzz, have a day.