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Let's Talk About John Fox Being The Next Bears Head Coach Because It Sure Seems Like That Is About To Happen


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So if you’ve been following the Bears pursuit of a Head Coach you know that Gary Kubiak basically turned down the job over the weekend so that he could stay an Offensive Coordinator (super embarrassing), Todd Bowles who interviewed the day Ryan Pace was hired signed with the Jets, leaving the Bears withhhhhh…….John Fox, recently fired/divorced/amicably separated coach of the Denver Broncos. To be quite honest I’m lukewarm about the whole idea. And I’ll fully admit it’s for pretty stupid reasons. John Fox is a known quantity. He’s an above average coach who has had periods of success, 3 Super Bowl appearances (2 as HC, 1 as DC), and periods of completely average football (73-71 in 9 seasons in Carolina). It’s probably really dumb of me to discount him simply because I know what we’re getting but as a fan that’s how it works. I have no problem admitting that part of me wants a splash, wants something sexy. When your team sucks and goes through a rebuild you want to be reinvigorated anyway you can. Everyone wants the unknown, the up and coming genius, the guy who could be your next Belichick. John Fox isn’t that guy, we already know that. He’s John Fox, a perfectly capable Football Coach that is probably somewhere in the top 10-15. So that’s sort of where I land. I’ll admit, the fact that he won a playoff game with Tim Tebow and went to a Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme is a positive sign. Also the fact that he’s a Defensive oriented coach who will hopefully bring “Chicago Bear Football” back is nice, but ultimately to quote a basic white betch, John Fox is meh. Take him or leave him. Maybe a strong veteran coach is what the Bears need (it is exactly what they need and I know this), doesn’t mean I can’t dream of Dan Quinn signing a backroom deal with the Bears, being announced the Monday after the Super Bowl and then going on to become the next great NFL Coach. Those are fan thoughts that will never go away.





The Hot Take part of my brain does love the fact that John Fox has heart issues. I want my coach to care so much that he is about to die on the sideline. Eating Chinese food at 4 am, sleeping under their desk. Urban Meyer esque. Ditka had a Heart Attack, people forget that.