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Study Says 62% Of Chicks Check Their Phone During Sex

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NY Post – A new study says that 62% of women have interrupted a sexual tryst with their partner to check their cell phone while only 48% of men admitted to doing the same. According to the research, the most common reason why people interrupted their naughty bedroom encounters was to answer a call (34%), read or reply to a text (24%) or an email (22%). The titillating numbers come from a survey of 1,747 men and women in England conducted by Strangely, 34% of the people who admitted to checking their phones during sex claimed that their partner “didn’t mind” while only 4% of people said that they used social media when they paused their tryst to fiddle with their phone. “Yes, our lives are hectic and full of work and personal commitments, but surely we can all still take the time to dedicate ourselves to a little romance now and again without the constant need to check our mobile phones?” mused VoucherCodePro spokesman George Charles. “I think it is about time we all take the time to turn off our mobile phones before turning up the heat in the bedroom.”

Look do I want a chick checking her Pinterest board while we’re having sex? Of course not. Obviously I’d prefer she be moaning in ecstasy while I’m giving her multiples. I’d prefer she’s too busy channeling her inner porn star and wrecking my dick as opposed to checking how many likes her last ‘Gram got. But at the end of the day, this chick is letting my dick go inside her vagina. And for that, I grant you permission to do whatever the fuck you’d like as its going down. You can take that phone and and check my dick in on 4 Square for all I care. I’m the mayor of that pussy girl!

I love how there’s huge drop off for the percentage of men who would ever check their phones mid fuck. Still a crazy high number though at 48%. Pretty much every time I’ve been having sex I am spiritually and emotionally dropping to my knees and thanking the Good Lord there’s a girl out there willing to let me do this to her. When I was younger it was like “Its actually happening!” and now that I’m older and engaged every time I have sex I’m like “Its actually happening!” There’s no way I’m gonna check Twitter or my gmail and jeopardize what little sex a person of my stature deserves. I can’t blame her for checking her facebook, Lord knows she’s not being entertained enough with me. But you’re outside of your mind if you think I’m letting Siri sabotage my sex.